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OpenAngel ver. 0.1-rc1

OpenAngel is a HTTP/1.0 compatible, highly secure webserver written in perl. Security was the primary goal in developement, that's why some functionality missing from it - so it's very simple.

The mission of 0.1 was to build a secure and bugfree webserver "core" so this could be the base of later versions. No cgi, no vhost, and you can't list directories, no nothing.
It's available only for file-distribution.

It was developed for smaller sites, where reliability and security is a must.

Some features:
- uses chroot (which means, it makes a cage so the program will be locked into the DocumentRoot directory)
- it's small, anyone can look in to the source, if it contains a backdoor or security hole
- 100% available. It passed the 1,000,000 request-test, while OpenAngel did not drop any of the requests.
- does not eat your resources. It used 1-2% of the CPU time on the above test.
- for small servers, where there is no need to distribute dynamic pages it is perfect! (and it is more secure, than any of the multifunctional web servers (apache, roxen, etc...))
- uses a filter, to catch illegal requests, so it is protected for future bugs
- easy configuration
- apache style httpd.conf (config file)



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